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  • v0.0.2   Update illuminate version
    e9260540 · Update illuminate version ·
  • v0.0.1   Initial release
    145c1a42 · Add root and disk config ·
    Release v0.0.1

    Description and usage

    falcon\laravel-image is a helper package making it easier to manipulate images.

    You can resize, rotate, add watermarks and apply all kinds of effects on the supplied image.

    Imager will spit it up in as many formats you define in the config file.

    Avatars, small, medium, large images with a single chain call.

    Create simple set of images

    // Process and save images
    $imager = Imager::from($myImage)
    $result = $imager->getResult('small');
    // where result is an object containing the size, last modified timestamp and the absolute path of the image type

    You can also group a set of images

    Usually we need to group the images based on a single, unique resource such as user.

    $imager = Imager::from($myImage)


    1. Add the repository url in your composer.json file and require the package name with dev-master#v0.0.1 as version.
    "repositories": [
          "name": "falcon/laravel-imager",
          "url": "https://git.falcon.zone/falcon/laravel-imager.git",
          "type": "git"
    "require": {
      "falcon/laravel-imager": "dev-master#v0.0.1"
    1. Publish the package assets
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Falcon\Imager\ImagerServiceProvider"
    1. Register the service provider and the facade alias:
    'providers' => [
        * Package Service Providers...
    'aliases' => [
        'Imager' => \Falcon\Imager\Facades\Imager::class